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My name is Nora Stopford. I am a French native-speaker with dual citizenship (French and British). I lived in various European countries and spent 16 years in England. In 2017 I moved to the western suburb of Paris, France.

I founded nzLanguages in 2005 when I decided to change career path and left teaching in secondary schools. I started with French and German lessons to private individuals and rapidly added classes in companies, schools. I also began to offer other language services to publishers, university professors and university students. I spent some time as a class volunteer in my local primary school in recently added English to the languages I offer.

Here are my language services

• Face to-face lessons: lessons for all age groups, levels, individually on in groups. Exam preparation including language test and interview for French citizenship. Lessons tailored to each individual. More details available on the Lessons page.

• Online Lessons: online lessons from the comfort of your home/office. For more information please visit the Lessons page.

• Proofreading and Copy-editing services available for electronic or paper documents (essays, leaflets, reports, brochures, catalogues, articles, books, letters, websites…). More details available on the Proofreading and Copy-editing page.

• Typing and Transcription services available for audio, video, handwritten and printed documents. More details available on the Typing and Transcription page.

• Translation: small translation services, mainly in the language combinations English to French and French to English. This includes small documents such as letters, brochures, etc. More details available on the Translation page.

For more information about my services, please click here to contact me.

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