Welcome to nzLanguages!

My name is Nora Stopford (Zine). I am both a French and British. I was born in France and settled in the UK in 2001. I moved to the western suburb of Paris (France) in the summer 2017.

nzLanguages has been providing language services in French, German and English since 2005.

• Face to-face lessons: face-to-face languages lessons for all age groups. Individual and group lessons. Beginners through Advanced. Exam preparation including language test and interview for French citizenship. Lessons tailored to each individual. More details available on the Lessons page.

• Online Lessons: online French and German lessons from the comfort of your home/office via FaceTime or Skype. For more information please visit the Lessons page.

• English/French Proofreading and Copy-editing services available for electronic or paper documents (essays, leaflets, reports, brochures, catalogues, articles, books, letters, websites…). More details available on the Proofreading and Copy-editing page.

• English/French Typing and Transcription services available for audio, video, handwritten and printed documents. More details available on the Typing and Transcription page.

• Translation: small translation services, mainly in the language combinations English to French and French to English. This includes small documents such as letters, brochures, etc. More details available on the Translation page.

For more information about my services, please contact me by email or on +33 (0)

I look forward to hearing from you!



Last updated: 31st December 2019