Here is a sample of thank you messages from students and clients. All testimonials are genuine and neither students nor clients were paid for their statements. Names may have been modified for privacy.

Editorial Services

“Thank you for your very thorough review of my essay! I hadn’t expected it to be given that much careful reading, and I am most grateful.“ L.L. (French proofreading and copy-editing)

“The corrections are great, thank you so much! I am going over them now, trying to learn from my mistakes […] I will most probably be in contact in the future.” Sarah S. (French proofreading and copy-editing)


“I had gained some knowledge of French through a range of “phone apps” and basic school French. Though I still had non existent conversation skills. Nora has been teaching me for three months, and I’ve improved substantially. She inspires confidence, carries with her an expectation of success and helps support my motivation. She has a strong background herself in many languages. Her lessons are very focused and to the point.” Ian (student since May 2016)

“I have been a student of Nora’s for several years, during which time she has helped me enormously to get to grips with French. I have absolutely no natural ability when it comes to languages – and that includes using English – which Nora has worked hard to help me overcome. Nora has succeeded where others have (dismally) failed. Nowadays, when spending time at my house in Normandie I can enjoy an apero’ with my neighbours, find my way around a newspaper, watch TV and listen to the radio, absolutely none of which would have been possible without Professor Zine! I’m very, very grateful.” Tim Tuff (58) Southampton

“Nora makes lessons interesting and fun. Being a native of France means you learn the real language not just the text book version.” Kim (mature student of French 2015-2016)

“Thanks for the great lessons so far – i am getting so much from them and i feel like I’ve made more progress in the few lessons with you than an entire year of a class based course!” Simon (ongoing French lessons since 2011)

“Tricia is delighted to have met you … an example of an excellent student meeting an excellent teacher … well done to you both!” Mr C. (husband, French lessons)

“Excellent teacher, brilliant prices.” Barbara (French adult beginner class)

“Nora is a great help to my daughter who is taking GCSE French in 6 months’ time. Nora has clearly pin-pointed my daughter’s language strengths and weaknesses and has started working to improve her skills. My daughter is feeling much more confident and her overall understanding of the language (and how to learn it) is improving. She finds Nora’s lessons interesting and that Nora is very approachable, patient and supportive.
From a parent’s viewpoint, Nora is prompt, reliable, personable, professional and easy to contact. Her rates are reasonable and the payment system is well organised.
We have had 3 hour long lessons at our home and we have already recommended her to friends.” Mrs N. (French GCSE)

“Nora’s approach is clear and her teaching style friendly and efficient. […] This equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to be able to construct a multitude of sentences and indeed have a better understanding when listening to conversations. Indeed I took my new learned skills to Germany and was quite happy conversing in every day situations – e.g. in the restaurant, buying tickets, asking the way and talking to fellow commuters on the train.
Nora always discussed my needs; we had a clear teaching plan which was tailored to my particular style of learning. Above all, though, I found learning German with Nora really fun. We had many laughs and it is so often said that people can become despondent when learning a foreign language. Not for me, I just soaked it all up and we just marched on through to the next topic. When things did get confusing, Nora took the time to explain things over and over until I had understood.
[…] Nora was punctual at every appointment, with immaculate book-keeping of receipts and money paid”. Sarah Haswell (German tuition)

“I first contacted Nora to help me prepare for a job interview at short notice (which would be in French). As I only had two weeks notice for the interview, I was very grateful for her responsiveness and dedication, and her intensive hours of tuition gave me enormous confidence going into that interview, despite not having studied French for nearly 10 years. Unfortunately that time it was not to be, but I continued with the lessons as I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from such an enthusiastic teacher. Less than a year later I am writing this from Cannes, having been successful at another interview and having lived and worked in the South of France for several months – what more can you say?” Matt P. (French tuition)

“My daughter Scarlett was struggling considerably with her AS oral examination preparation. She had chosen a subject which she was finding quite difficult. Nora had 4 lessons with Scarlett and by the end of those lessons Scarlett was confident that she had everything she needed to do well in her exam. Nora helped her with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation until Scarlett was confident in reproducing what she had learnt. Nora also pointed her in the right direction for helpful French sites on the web to assist Scarlett in her research. If my daughter needs extra help in future with her A level French I would not hesitate to ask Nora to tutor her.” Scarlett’s mother (French tuition)

“My daughter and I have been really impressed with the work and dedication of Nora Zine, in supporting my daughter towards her French AS level. Nora has a kind, enthusiastic manner and yet manages to bring a rigour to her lessons, which means that there is direction and progress each time. My daughter now feels much more confident and has improved her grammar and spoken skills. Nora’s help out of hours in researching material about Matisse as additional sources for my daughter’s oral project have also helped enormously. Her recent mock examiner praised her for her A grade presentation. I will not hesitate to contact Nora again next academic year, when my son will be preparing for his GCSE French and my daughter her A level.” Julie Greer (French tuition)

“Having finished learning French at school at the age of 16, my vocabulary had improved but much of the grammar forgotten. Through having lessons with Nora Zine I have been able to refresh my grammatical skills and practice speaking correctly, at a level which is right for me rather than fitting into adult education classes. The teaching methods used have enabled me to progress quickly and have been tailored to my aspirations. My confidence and usage of the language has significantly increased through having private tuition with Nora.” Lisa F. (French tuition)

“I really enjoyed my time learning French. As a complete beginner Nora made it easy to learn and helped me gain confidence. She was patient and encouraging. I will now be able to build on what she has taught me and look forward to enjoying speaking more on my French holidays. If you want to learn French I have no hesitation in recommending Nora.” Angie (French tuition)

“I have a learnt a lot within the time I have been studying and found the recommended book very helpful. For me, learning on a one to one basis is a lot more beneficial than in a class setting, there is less pressure and you feel at ease to ask questions you may not have had the confidence to do within a class.” C. Turner (French tuition)