Proofreading & Copy-editing


I am a freelance proofreader and copy-editor based in Southampton,  UK. I offer two editorial services in English and French:

French native speaker, I have years of experience in proofreading and copy-editing French documents and hold a Certificate of Competence in English Proofreading and Copy-editing from Chapterhouse. I have proofread and copy-edited books for publishers like Cambridge University Press and have written online teaching material for Nelson Thornes (now part of Oxford University Press).

I can help with documents such as: · Articles · Books · Brochures · Catalogues · Coursework · Cover letters · CVs/Résumés · Directories · Dissertations · Essays · Flyers · Leaflets · Manuscripts · Newsletters · Posters · PowerPoint presentations · Product information sheets · Reports · Scripts · Speeches · Theses · Web pages

Which service to choose?
You will find below an outline of what services proofreading and copy-editing provide. If you are unsure whether proofreading or copy-editing would be suitable for your document, please do not hesitate to contact me.


You may wish to have your document proofread if it is ready for publication/to be handed in and you need a final check for typographical, spelling and layout errors. This is a basic service and repetitions, contradictions, errors of tenses, stylistic errors and logical slip-ups will NOT be corrected.
I will check that:
• Words are spelt correctly
• Capital letters, basic punctuation and other aspects such as use of words in italics or bolds are consistent
• The text matches the original copy (i.e. also known as ‘reading against copy’ and performed when an original copy is provided)
• The page and heading numbers are arranged logically
• The format of the page numbers, headings and paragraphs is consistent
• Photos and illustrations are correctly captioned
• The layout of each page is aesthetically appealing and logical.

I can mark errors using the symbols from the British Standards Institution (BSI) (on hard copies only). I can also use simple marks if you prefer or wish to have on-screen corrections.
I will liaise with you and/or the copy-editor to resolve queries I may have.


Copy-editing is more appropriate when your document needs a more thorough check including some rewriting. My copy-editing services include the proofreading services above plus:
• Correcting grammar, punctuation, contradictions and obvious errors of fact
• Checking ambiguities and repetitions
• Ensuring the consistency of facts
• Choosing the best word to improve the style of the document. This is done within limits – i.e. without destroying the author’s style and tone or rewriting the text in depth
• Ensuring that the tone of the text is suitable for the targeted audience.

Copy-editing involves more frequent contacts with the author to resolve queries but also to ensure the author’s style is preserved.
For a free quotation please e-mail or send** your document and your deadline.

If you decide not to use my proofreading services, I will send** you back the material.

If you decide to go ahead, 50% of the fee is to be paid when you accept the quote. I will start the work upon receipt of your payment. I will notify you when the work is completed and send you an invoice for the balance. The payment of the balance will be due before I can release the work to you. The fee is not refundable but I am happy to correct, free of charge, any errors left in the final document if notified within 5 working days of the work delivered to you.


**For material sent by post, please enclose a stamped and self-addressed envelope/jiffy bag, so that I can return the material safely to you.