Proofreading & Copy-editing


I am a freelance proofreader and copy-editor based in the western suburb of Paris (France). I offer two editorial services in English and French:

I am a French native-speaker with years of experience in proofreading and copy-editing documents in French. I also hold a Certificate of Competence in English Proofreading and Copy-editing from Chapterhouse. My experience includes proofreading and copy-editing books for Cambridge University PressI also wrote online teaching material for Nelson Thornes (now part of Oxford University Press).

I proofread and/or copy-edit documents such as: · Articles · Books · Brochures · Catalogues · Coursework · Cover letters · CVs/Résumés · Directories · Dissertations · Essays · Flyers · Leaflets · Manuscripts · Newsletters · Posters · PowerPoint presentations · Product information sheets · Reports · Scripts · Speeches · Theses · Web pages

Which service to choose?
You will find below an outline of my proofreading and copy-editing services.

Please do not hesitate to contact me  if  you are unsure of what type of editorial services would be suitable for your document.


Proofreading is the basic service with a final check for typographical, spelling and layout errors in your document. Repetitions, contradictions, errors of tenses, stylistic errors and logical slip-ups will NOT be corrected.

My proofreading services include:
• Words are spelt correctly;
• Capital letters, basic punctuation and other aspects such as use of words in italics or bolds are consistent;
• The text matches the original copy (i.e. also known as ‘reading against copy’ and performed when an original copy is provided);
• The page and heading numbers are arranged logically;
• The format of the page numbers, headings and paragraphs is consistent;
• Photos and illustrations are correctly captioned;
• The layout of each page is aesthetically appealing and logical.

I can mark errors using the symbols from the British Standards Institution (BSI) (on hard copies only). If you prefer, I can use a more simple marking system or make on-screen corrections.
I will liaise with you and/or the copy-editor to resolve queries I may have on your document.


Copy-editing is a more advanced service which may include some rewriting.

My copy-editing services combine the above proofreading services and:
• Correcting grammar, punctuation, contradictions and obvious errors of fact;
• Checking ambiguities and repetitions;
• Ensuring the consistency of facts;
• Choosing the best word to improve the style of the document. This is done carefully – i.e. without destroying the author’s style and tone or rewriting the text in depth;
• Ensuring that the tone of the text is suitable for the targeted audience.

Copy-editing involves more frequent contacts with the author to resolve queries but also to ensure the author’s style is preserved.
For a free quotation please e-mail or send me your document together with your deadline. Please note it is important that I know your timeframe because it affects the price and I may be working on other projects.

If you decide to go ahead:

  • Step 1: I will send you an invoice for 50% of the total fee. This is to be paid when you accept the quote and I will only start the work upon receipt of your payment.
  • Step 2: I will notify you when the work is completed and send you another invoice for the remainder of the total fee (postage costs included). This is to be paid before I can release the work to you.
  • Note: the fee is not refundable. I am happy to correct, free of charge, any errors left in the final document if notified within 5 working days of the work delivered to you.

If you decide not to use my proofreading services, I will send you the material back by email or by post. Please note that the postage costs remain at your charge and will be invoiced.